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Registration Fee

  • Brazilian Applicant: R$116,00
  • Foreign Applicant: R$116,00

ATTENTION: Foreign applicants who live abroad must pay the application fee trough International Bank Transfer (Wire Transfer), with the following data for credit:

  • Bank: Banco do Brasil S/A
  • Institution Name: Universidade Federal de Viçosa
  • Address: Av. P.H Rolfs, s/n – Campus Universitário – Viçosa-MG – CEP: 36570-000.
  • SWIFT: BRASBRRJBHE (no need to inform the bank account).

Bibliographic References

Master’s applicants must have a undergraduate degree, whose records contain courses related to Forestry. For Doctorate applicants, it is requested the Magister Scientiae degree in Forest Science or related areas.

Master’s and Doctorate

Application is made on line, trough the link APPLICATION until April 15th, to star on the second semester of this year, and until September 15th to start on the first semester of next year.
Required documents and forms can be accessed at: Forest Science.
Applicants must be in accordance with the provisions of Articles 21 to 27 of the Rules of Graduate Studies at the Universidade Federal de Viçosa.


1 – Terms to Apply

a) Meet the requirements of Chapter V of the Graduate UFV Bylaw.

b) Present School Records (official): Only applicants whose Average Grade is equal to or greater than 70% (seventy percent) to the Master’s. To Doctorate, in addition to the previous condition, the applicant must have at least one publication in periodical A or B of Qualis (Agricultural Sciences I).

c) Present draft research: Full (title, abstract, introduction, objective, literature review, materials and methods, expected results, physical / financial schedules and references), containing not more than twenty (20) pages, single-spaced, and 12 (twelve) font.

d) Present three (03) Recommendation Letters.

2 – Admission

a) Applicants will take the an exam with 25 questions in the desired area of expertise. The applicant must answer only 20 questions (in other words, must eliminate 5 questions). If the applicant answers more than 20 questions, it will be eliminated one right question for each exceeded answered question.
a.1) To qualify, the applicant must obtain a minimum grade of 70% in the 20 selected questions.
a.2) The exam will value 100 points.

b) The maximum amount of points obtained in the evaluation of the curriculum, among the candidates for the program, will be considered equivalent to 100 points, by modality (Master’s/Doctorate). Score of other applicants will be calculated proportionately. The criteria for evaluation of the curriculum are presented in Attachment I.

c) The score of the applicant’s school records will be his average grade.

d) Project score will value 100 points.

e) Final score will be calculated using the following formula:

Final Score =

((4 x NPC + 3 x NC + 2 x NCR + NP) x AO)/10


NPC (%) = Test Score

NC (%) = Curriculum Score

NCR (%) = School Records Score

NP (%) = Project Score (from 0 to 100)

AO = Advisor Acceptance (0 = not accepted; 1 = accepted)

d.1)Applicants will be sorted in descending order, in the desired area of expertise, according to the final score.

e) Based on the ranking of the final score for the area of expertise, in the opinion and the availability of possible advisors, availability of the program vacancies (MS and DS), the coordination defines the applicants selected for the program in that admission process.
e.1) The distribution of vacancies by area of expertise will be in proportion, considering the number of program vacancies and the number of permanent teachers (DP) of their area of expertise.

Attachment 1


  • Internships (minimum of three months or 120 hours) = 0.2 / internship
  • Research internship, linked to project, without scholarship (voluntary) = 1.0 / year
  • Research internship with scholarship or undergraduate research = 2,0/year
  • Participation in scientific events without paper presentation = 0.2 / event (up to the limit of 1.6 points)
  • Participation in scientific events with paper presentation = 0.5 / work
  • Author / co-author of complete articles published in scientific journals included in the Qualis / CAPES or ISI:
  • national circulation = 1,0/article
  • international circulation = 2,0/article
  • Author / co-author of books and chapters published in Brazil (ISBN needeed) *
  • book = 3,0/book
  • book chapter = 1,0/chapter
  • Author / co-author of books published abroad (ISBN needed)
  • book = 4,0/book
  • book chapter = 2,0/chapter
  • Author / co-author of complete articles published in proceedings of conferences / symposiums or similar = 0.5/article
  • Author / co-author of abstracts published in proceedings of conferences / symposiums or similar = 0.2 / abstract
  • Monitoring / tutoring = 0,5/semester
  • Participation in courses / short courses (minimum 8 hours) = 0.2 / course

Advisories Finished:

  • Undergraduate Research (PIBIC/CNPq, PIBIC/FAPEMIG, PIG-CAIXA, BIC-Júnior e outros) — advisor = 0,5/student/year
  • Internship Orientation = 0.5 / student / year
  • Term paper with examination board – advisor = 0,25/student**
    ** Attach a copy of each term paper approval document

Professional Experience and Participation in Junior Enterprise = 1,0/year

Exchange = 1,0/participation

Events organization = 0,5/event


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