Rustic benches can now be enjoyed by the university community and campus visitors

      The garden in front of the Centro de Vivência now has two new rustic wooden benches to be used by the academic community and visitors to the Viçosa campus. Six meters long and weighing about 500 kilograms, they were built by the woodworking team of the Department of Forestry Engineering (DEF) from a falling eucalyptus tree near the UFV garage and had to be cut down for safety.
The idea of ​​taking advantage of fallen trees on the campus came after the 2019 storm, according to the dean of Culture Extension, José Ambrósio Ferreira Neto. The desire was to give an artistic or functional destination as urban equipment for fallen trees, pruned or cut for safety reasons, that is, “to give a more noble use to this very important resource”. With the covid-19 pandemic, institutional action had to wait. Until, this year, it was resumed as part of the Viçosa campus afforestation project, together with the Director of Environment, Ulisses Bifano, and the head of the Forest Engineering Department, Sebastião Valverde.
The forecast is that more benches like these will be installed on the Viçosa campus, as well as tables and pieces of art. The wood logs for its production are already available at the DEF joinery and the installation locations will be defined by the Environment Department/Dean of Administration due to the flow of people and landscape and environmental issues.
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