Successful experience in Serra da Mantiqueira can be extended to Viçosa

      The mayor of Viçosa, Raimundo Nonato Cardoso, received, this Wednesday, the 6th, the former secretary of the Environment of the city of Extrema, in the south of Minas, Paulo Henrique Pereira, who for 16 years coordinated the Conservador de Águas project, in the city. The project, conceived in 2005, aims to maintain the quality of water sources and promote the environmental adequacy of rural properties.

      According to the former secretary, the project prioritizes preventive action rather than corrective action, and the understanding is that the command and control mechanism cannot be the only instrument for environmental management of rural properties. According to Paulo Henrique, alone, it does not guarantee the increase in forest cover or the preservation of water sources.

      Mayor Raimundo Nonato was shown the need to maintain the quality of the Viçosa springs through the environmental adaptation of rural properties and the increase in forest cover in the hydrographic sub-basins.

      The Conservador das Águas project in the Extrema region was so efficient that, as of 2015, it was expanded throughout Serra da Mantiqueira and the idea, now, is the possibility of adapting it to the reality of Viçosa. Mayor Raimundo Nonato Cardoso liked the idea and was in favor of studying its applicability in Viçosa.

      In addition to the former secretary of Extrema, the meeting was attended by the CEO of Saae de Viçosa (Autonomous Water and Sewage Service), Marcos Nunes Coelho Junior; the professor at the UFV (Federal University of Viçosa), Laércio Jacovine; the president of Codema (Municipal Council for the Conservation and Defense of the Environment) Francisco Machado Filho; the Director of Environment at Geoplan, Isa Maria Dias Bastos Peixoto; the director of Strategic Management and Environmental Sanitation at Saae de Viçosa, Francianny Maria de Paula Souza; the head of the Municipal Department of Agriculture and Livestock, Reginaldo Fialho Valente; and the doctoral student at UFV, Valéria de Fátima Silva.

Source: Viçosa City Hall


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