UFV is once again among the best in Latin America. This time, its quality was evidenced by 115 researchers who are in the Top 10,000 Scientists ranking, released by the AD Scientific Index. With the outstanding number of scientists from the institution, UFV won second place in Minas Gerais, 13th in Brazil and 16th in Latin America, as shown by the publication that considered 186 countries around the world, 11,700 universities and almost one million of academics.

The AD Scientific Index is the first and only study to show total and last five-year productivity coefficients of scientists based on index values i10, h index and Google Scholar citation scores. It is worth remembering that the index i10 represents the number of publications with at least ten citations from a researcher. The h index is the result of the balance between the number of publications and the number of citations of a researcher. For example, if a researcher’s h index is 50, it means that he has at least 50 articles published, each of them at least 50 citations.

Thus, the ranking considered that the high number of articles used as references for other authors demonstrates the value and extent of the ranking researchers’ contribution to the scientific community. The classification was made from 12 areas: Agriculture and Forestry, Arts, Design and Architecture; Business and Management; Economy; Education; Engineering and Technology; History, Philosophy and Theology; Law and Legal Studies; Medicine and Health Sciences; Natural Sciences; Social Sciences and Others.

A total of 453 Latin American institutions appear in the ranking, and in Brazil, 7,656 scientists were highlighted. For the Dean of Research and Graduate Studies at UFV, Raul Guedes, having 115 University researchers among those cited “represents a consistent result with what we have observed in traditional international rankings, regarding the projection of the UFV “. He also highlighted that the institution being among so many Brazilian universities of significantly larger size and with more professors only highlights the quality of the UFV and the potential of its researchers in the international scene.

All ranking information can be found at, which it provides, in addition to global data, numbers by continents including Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, Latin America and Oceania. The list with the 10 thousand researchers from Latin America considered can be seen in the attached file.

Congratulations to the professor of the Post-Graduate Course in Forestry Science, for being a part of this ranking.
José Cola Zanúncio
Amaury Paulo de Souza
Marcos Deon Vilela de Resente
Benedito Rocha Vital
Angélica de Cássia Carneiro
Haroldo Nogueira de Paiva
Eduardo Euclydes de Lima e Borges


Latin America Top 10,000 Scientists

Source: Institutional Disclosure – Federal University of Viçosa


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